Lessons & Training

RK Lessons and Training


​Are you struggling with your horse and need some extra help? Or have a young one that needs to get some miles put on them? Or just need your horse to have a tune up?

RK Moonlight Stables offers training. We do everything from breaking out young ones to finishing show horses and everything in between. Want your horse to go around the arena or the trail with a level head and a calm demeanor we can help you with that! With over 20 years of riding experience we can provide the help you are looking for.

Our approach to training is that all horses are not created equal and that means that different training approaches need to be created that are just as unique as your horse is. Our approach starts with slow and steady wins the race. A great foundation is what is going to make a great, lasting horse. We focus on ground work on all horses that come in, not just the young ones. We believe that exposure to many different environments and riding outside the arena creates a well-rounded riding horse. We have over 20 years of experience in various disciplines which include: english flatwork, western pleasure, horsemanship, showmanship, trailing riding, speed events. At this time we do not offer jumping or dressage training or lessons. 

What we offer:

  •  Full-time training: Includes horses being worked 5-6x per week. Owners are allowed to come visit their horse whenever they would like. We ask that for the first 30 days that owners do not ride their horse unless otherwise discussed with us. This gives us time to get to know your horse and to start working on the problem areas. Lessons are not included in training price but are at a discounted rate for horses in full-time training. 

  • Half-time training: Includes horses being worked 2-3x per week. Lessons are not included in training price nor are they discounted for half-time training horses. 

  • Training Rides: If you are just wanting a few tune-up rides here or there or to have you horse exercised we recommend doing training rides! Training rides are a per session price and we are willing to travel to you for them! A traveling fee does apply and we do not travel to horses that are farther than 30 minutes away from RK Moonlight Stables.


Is your son or daughter wanting to get started in horses but not quite ready for the big horses? We offer mini pony lessons! Mini pony lessons we will start with the basics and teach the kids all they will need to know to graduate up to a big horse. Lessons are 30 minutes in length. We will work on walking, trotting, stopping, backing, learning pony body parts, how to saddle, how to brush, how to pick up feet and pick them out and general horse safety. 

****Please note our mini ponies are not able to carry more than 65lbs****


At this time we do not have a bigger lesson horse but we are accepting lessons with people who have their own horses and are just needing some help. Lesson help can include anything from ground work and riding to loading in the trailer.

Please reach out to Kim to get pricing or more information on our training and lesson programs.